Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The course so far - A quick review

After just having our first assessment, I thought this would be a good time to do a short self-review of how the course has been going so far.

Visual Design
I've always been self conscious and over critical of my drawing and was concerned if I'd be good enough at it at the start of the course. This worry made me determined to get things done and I spent everyday of the first week at the canal drawing. The weather was horrible but I was determined to get it done and I was reasonably pleased with the outcome. As always I felt it could be better.
Canal final

In the weeks that followed we drew; the archway, 2 point perspective, cars, dino bones and Bradgate park.
2 point perspective final
I felt the archway went well and I used most of my thumbnails to decide on a composition for my final and think this process helped me get a nice looking piece.
I really struggled with 2-point perspective and didn't feel like I really grasped it. I found it easier t draw from eye than use lines to guide me. I'm not very happy with my final or my understanding of perspective and want to work on this further.
I wasn't looking forward to drawing cars at all. I thought they would be really difficult, especially as I found perspective on buildings to be so difficult. I was surprised at how much easier I found it than I thought it would be to begin with, but then found myself struggle with it more as I continued to draw them.
Archway final

 I enjoying drawing the dino bones in the museum. I found them easier and more enjoyable to draw than most things we'd done so far and found myself doing the most complicated skeleton there for a final. It took me ages and I redrew it several times but I think the outcome is good.
I don't enjoy drawing environments and find them quite difficult, so Bradgate park was a scary prospect. I found myself focusing on smaller sections to do and putting alot of detail into them and not looking at the larger picture.
Overall I'm not that pleased with my drawing and going by my assessment that's how I probably should feel. I feel my drawings themselves are OK but I just haven't done it enough and I haven't improved as much as I could and should of already. I think I put more effort into the first 2 weeks and this had a positive effect on my drawings and I need to continue that. I want my drawings to improve and need to put more time into doing them.

Game Production - 3D

I really struggled with 3D to begin with as I found 3Ds Max very daunting and confusing. I've been following the projects and despite struggling think I managed to make a good model of a dalek. I found the wheelie bin easier to model but got really confused with UV mapping and unwrapping. I've had experience with making textures before so didn't find that too difficult. I spent alot of time on my texture and think that helped improve the overall look of my model.

I think my understanding of 3ds max is improving and I'm pleased with how my current building project is coming along. I'm not looking forward to unwrapping it but I think once I have properly figured out how to do that I'll be OK in 3D. I'd liked to do some personal projects in 3D to help further my understanding and enjoyment of the software but think its more important to get the coursework done first.

Critical studies

I have a large interest in films, games and artwork and often discuss them with others. Everything is relevant in such a visually based world and industry so I think I could and should expand my blogs into other areas and interests in order to get the best grade possible in Critical studies. 

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