Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why is everything going 3D?

I hate the way everything is going 3D at the moment and I can't understand why its becoming so popular.
Its been around in the past but been a novelty at best but in recent years has taken hold of our entertainment. TVs are 3D, handheld consoles, PC monitors and games, console games, sky and the majority of new films.

I can understand its an interesting new concept and an accomplishment we've been able to come up with the technology to make 3D viewing possible at home. But why is it even necessary. Whats wrong with normal TV and normal films. I don't think 3D really adds anything to the experience apart from a headache. I can't understand why people would pay loads of money to replace their TVs with 3D capable ones just for that extra feature. Not to mention forking out for those stupid glasses that you then have to wear constantly just to get the 3D effect. Why do we constantly feel the need to improve something that doesn't need improving.

We've made alot of advancements in viewing technology in recent years, like the shift to HD and then full HD, but 3D viewing is not something I would of thought as worthwhile. I can see the value in increasing the viewing experience by improving the quality and clarity of the image through HD but what does 3D actually add? I don't think it even fully works. But this what we have always done and will continue to do. Advance, innovate and improve. Hopefully we'll pass through 3D pretty quickly and be onto the next big thing! God knows what that will be. Full virtual reality maybe!

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