Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Making a time table

I sometimes struggle during the week with getting work done and putting the hours in. A break can turn into a few hours of not getting any work done. To help me stick to a better routine I made myself a time table to stick to.

The classes of 3D, 2D, life drawing and critical studies are already in and the rest of the time I want to be working is simply labelled 'work'. I have done it this way rather than specifically labelling what I want to do every hour is because I know I'm less likely to stick to it. I might not feel like doing 3D or I might have already finished it, so if I just label it as an hour of work, it can be anything I need to do. I often work till very late every night anyway but don't feel like I use the time properly because it is often very stop - start. I'm hoping sticking to a time table will help me use my time more effectively and get more work done.

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