Friday, 13 January 2012

Vehicle Design

I wasn't really looking forward to the vehicle design project, I didn't know what was expected from us and I didn't know how easy/ difficult it would be to design something. I went straight into the idea of doing a tank vehicle which was quite limiting. After speaking to my lecturer I took a step backwards and got more basic, working with simple shapes to help me build other designs.

I drew 80 small thumbnail designs and took around 7 of these to be developed further. I starting making the designs more complicated and detailed doing drawings of each from the top, side, front and back. One of my designs became more of a favourite as I sketched it more and more but wasn't originally the one I was going to do as a final.

I found it difficult to start trying to work my design into a drawing with perspective. I don't find perspective very easy and trying to use it on something Ive created was even harder. I used the method of drawing simple shapes that represent the parts of the vehicle but still found it hard to extrude bits from this to create detail. What I found most useful was to gather reference images of vehicles that were similar to what I wanted my vehicle to have and use these to get perspective more accurate.

After drawing my final design correctly I started playing with the image digitally. I worked in grey scale first trying to capture some of the shadows and highlights and then worked in some colour. I'm quite surprised and happy with how my design came out as I didn't think I was capable of coming up with something like that.

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