Thursday, 23 May 2013

Digi Painting

Digi Painting is pretty much something I have always condemned, I think theres something very impersonal and dull about it, even really stunning pieces. Apart from a few artists that I know of and can generally recognise their style, its almost impossible to tell one piece from all the thousands of others. This might be down to the tools, thousands of people have Photoshop and Corel painter, everyone has the same tools, the same colour palettes and probably the same ideas of whats 'awesome'. So it all ends up looking pretty samey and crap.

This is why I have tried to steer clear of getting too involved in Digi painting, I dont want to rely on a piece of software to be able to create something that looks half good. I'm rubbish with colour and I don't mind admitting that, I also have no clue AT ALL what I'm doing when it comes to actually painting. So everything I did would be so awful it wouldn't even be funny. Digi painting is almost a way to hide that. I can't paint with real materials but I'm alright-ish at digi, so its in a way a lie.

I prefer good old fashioned drawing, that cant be photoshoped or edited, thousands have photoshop, but no one has my hand and my pencil. So what I do is going to be different.

Having said all that....I feel photoshop is something that we have to do on the course. We need to learn how to be semi proficient in it. Partly because it lets us create nice pictures which looks good and partly because it increases the speed at which you can work dramatically.

So I started the year off pretty crappy at digi painting but I've tried to stick with it and work it into various projects. Thought I'd briefly share some of my digi advancements.

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