Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Spider and webs

My contribution to the group project, along with the main idea, was mainly webs and the spider. I spent the first god knows how many weeks making webs and was getting pretty bored and sick of it. I'm never going to get a job as 'the web guy' so I was basically wasting a lot of time that I could of spent doing other things. But we wanted/needed webs and I was the only one who really understood what we wanted, so I had to make them all.

I made something like 30 different webs in total, here is just a few.

Although figuring out how best to make the webs was a bit awkward at first, I'd be lying if I said making the webs was particularly difficult, challenging or interesting.

What I am proud of, is the spider. We had been hoping and planning to put one into the level but were running out of time. Megan and I were asked to do in the last 2 weeks of the project, which was cutting it pretty tight. I did some concepts, modelled most of the spider in Zbrush (arrrrrrgh), unwrapped and textured it. Everyone seemed to like it and give good feedback when they saw it during production of it and I was pretty chuffed with it in the end. 

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