Thursday, 23 May 2013

Website and Portfolio Building

I find portfolio building personally difficult. The act in itself isn't hard obviously, but what it represents. Making a portfolio of work is to show yourself off, to put yourself out there and really advertised your talents. For someone who has very little self confidence this is really hard to do.

I became very aware that if I want to show case myself and what I could do there would be no point putting in rubbish pieces. I'm trying to sell myself and I don't want to showcase my work as being crap. So only the best stuff should be displayed. This is damn near impossible when you hate everything you do. I never like anything I do, threes always something wrong, always a way it could be better, so I didn't feel comfortable including anything I've done in a portfolio.

Whats also hard to consider is what pieces should really be in there anyway, no matter how good they are. If I'm trying to create a good looking portfolio that will make people interested in what I can do, do I really want to be putting a stunning digi paint of a naked lady on there? That's likely to put alot of people off and maybe even offend them, but if it really showcases how good I am at anatomy, the human form and painting, shouldn't it be there?

By making a portfolio we are effectively starting to create our online and professional persona. This is the beginning of who we might start to be known as and what we are known for. This was difficult to get my head round seeing as we're still only just finishing the 2nd year at Uni. I am no where near ready to be creating my professional identity!

Tips on making a portfolio -

I did make an online portfolio as horrible as the task felt. I haven't published it online so no one can find or see it unless I link it muhauhahaha. So at least for now I can hide my professional identity until I think its worth sharing.

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