Monday, 11 February 2013

Bit of Zbrush "fun"

I've wanted to practise Zbrush and try learn it since the start of summer last year. I've looked into it a few times but never gotten very far, I've found the books about it complicated and confusing. I've also had too much going on to try learn another program that just confuses me to look at.
The Mortal Engines project seemed like a good time to try get into it and put it to good use. I thought I could spend a bit of time learning the basics and it would help make my character look better. I was wrong. The project was 4 weeks long including the time to do 2D work towards it, concepts etc, I ended up wasting almost 2 weeks messing about with Zbrush trying to figure it out and understand how I could use it. In the middle of a project was a bad time to figure this out as I ended up running out of time and not getting my character project finished.

And I didn't even use Zbrush at all in the end anyway! Huge waste of my time.

Some of the little things I made after figuring out the basics were pretty cool though and at least now I might be able to use Zbrush in future projects. Maybe.

This is the end result of my brief battles with Zbrush and how ever the hell it works!

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