Monday, 11 February 2013

Bits of 3D

The first 3D work I have done in months, I wasn't looking forward to it at all. I was worried I had completely forgot how to use the program and was going to have to learn it all over again. Trash is also pretty dull. I managed to get into modelling pretty quickly, but it wasn't that difficult modelling rubbish to be honest.

I used the project to try get my own style into my work. I focused more on the textures and putting my art style into it, rather than the modelling and textures on the rubbish.

I enjoyed the project more because I could put my graffiti into it, which i digipainted just for this project. I think this affected my mark though, I got good marks for my textures but my modelling and other textures suffered because I spent too much time on my own bits. In future I will need to find a better balance.

I didn't enjoy this project. I had several ideas to begin with but thought referencing was going to be a big problem. I decided to do a building that I thought was interesting and cool, the ghost busters building in New York. I was able to use street view and reference from stills of the films to get the general idea of the building and how it looks but it still wasn't easy to make it. We don't have any buildings in the UK that really look like New York fire houses.

I found modelling difficult, the building is actually quite plain with not much detail. With a large tri budget I found it hard to find the places to put the detail into. This meant I had some very dense areas of tris and others with very little.

I found the textures quite difficult to get right aswell, I had to use bits of other references images that I have gathered over the past year to help make the texture sheets.

I think my building is a good representation of the Ghost Busters building and several people managed to recognise it, which is good. I tried to stick to the reference I had, but this made it look quite empty and plain especially compared to the other buildings. I'm not sure how well it fits with the other buildings, I could of picked a better building to do, but I like the Ghost Busters.
So oh well.

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