Monday, 11 February 2013

So year 2 huh

Its February, a few months into the 2nd year of the course and I have managed to get no blogs done. Awesome. I now have to cram them in like crazy so I don't get a massive FAIL stamped on my face, and I hate writing. I didn't post any blogs but I apparently drafted a few which might help speed things up abit.

This is the blog I drafted ages ago about coming back to uni and starting the second year, in September. I'm glad it doesn't say much about 'keeping up with blogs and meeting all deadlines' because in hindsight I would of looked like a knob to post that now.

Well the summer break is over and now it's back to work. Summer went faster then I would of liked and I got nothing done that I wanted to. I took a few weeks to myself at the start to relax and destress, but once I had done that I was then busy sorting out getting married and all that comes with it. By the time it was over and all our friends and family had gone it was August and just before our last friend left I broke my right thumb. Breaking my thumb was a massive waste of time for me I, I had a huge cast that prevented me doing everything that involves your hands. I lost 8 weeks of time when I was about to start doing some of the things I had wanted to do over the summer, by the time I got my cast off there was just over 2 weeks left before going back. I managed to do a fair bit of drawing in that time, doing timed drawings and doing as much as I could to get the movement back in my thumb.

It was like this, seriously...for a thumb.

Theres some things I really wanted to learn over summer that I haven't had chance to, like Zbrush mainly. I have wanted to practise and get to grips with that program for a while now but have struggled to find the time to get it in, and I haven't looked at it at all over the summer. I'm hoping that I'll have chance to do something with Zbrush in year 2 and it might help my 3D work get better.
I also wanted to practise digi-painting more over summer but my cast has stopped me being able to do that. I'm not a big fan of digital drawing/painting I prefer traditional methods much more, but I'm still planning of putting some time into improving at digi work.

So now that the 2nd year is here what do I want from this year, I still don't really know. I'm just gonna have to go with it, until I get to the point where I know what I'm doing or want to do. While all the normal uni work is going on I am making time to do the kinda things I want to do, like life drawing and anatomy and then I'm gonna go from there. When I feel I know the human body enough I can move onto the next thing and build from it.
Its all about building things up.

I'm kind of hoping I have more time in the second year to practise the things I want to and work in the ways/styles that I like most. I'd like to have more freedom to work on ideas that I have and do them in a style that means more to me.

Its very late, but that was my blog for the start of year 2.

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